Friday, August 28, 2009

A circulant tournament

This is the circulant C_9(1,2,3,4)

\SetUpEdge[style={->,>=angle 45,bend right=10},color=red]


Catriona said...

Hi I am trying to create circulant graphs in LaTeX and used your example but am receiving many error messages. First of all I am using \usepackage{tikz} and when I tried \usepackage{tkz-berge} it says that it is not found. If I don't use the package it says that \GraphInit[vstyle=Art]
\SetUpEdge[style={->,>=angle 45,bend right=10},color=red]
are all Undefined control sequences.
Any help is much appreciated!!

Rafael said...

As mentioned in other posts here in this blog, you have to install tkz-graph.sty. tkz-berge.sty and its dependencies. Probably the easiest way is to update your TeX disctribution. The packages needed are included with the most recent versions of both MiKTeX and TeX Live.