Thursday, May 10, 2007

New LaTeX package for graphs

Alain Matthes has produced a package (tkz-berge.sty) which should become THE way to draw graphs in LaTeX. It is built on top of Tikz, and so can be easily integrated with beamer presentations. The package can be dowloaded from here, and the documentation (in French, but very nicely formatted and with lot of examples) can be obtained from here. Alain's packages are all here.

I plan to redraw all my examples using tkz-berge's syntax, but for the time being, I will show code for the dodecahedron above:




\tikzstyle{NormalVertexStyle}=[shape = circle,%
shading = ball,%
ball color = white,%
very thin,
inner sep=3pt,%
\tikzstyle{EdgeStyle}= [thick,%
double= orange,%
double distance = 1pt]

\tikzstyle{every node} = [node distance=1.5cm]
\EA{A}(C) \NO{C}(B) \SO{C}(D)
\tikzstyle{every node} = [node distance=1.2cm]
\EA{B}(F) \NO{F}(E) \SO{F}(G)
\EA{D}(I) \NO{I}(H) \SO{I}(J)
\EA{F}(L) \NO{L}(K) \SO{L}(M)
\EA{I}(O) \NO{O}(N) \SO{O}(P)
\tikzstyle{every node} = [node distance=1.5cm]
\SO{Q}(R) \SO{R}(S) \EA{R}(T)
\Edge(A)(B) \Edge(A)(C) \Edge(A)(D)
\Edge(B)(E) \Edge(B)(G)
\Edge(C)(F) \Edge(C)(I)
\Edge(D)(H) \Edge(D)(J)
\Edge(E)(K) \Edge(E)(F) \Edge(F)(M)
\Edge(G)(L) \Edge(G)(H) \Edge(H)(O)
\Edge(I)(N) \Edge(I)(J) \Edge(J)(P)
\Edge(K)(Q) \Edge(K)(L)
\Edge(M)(Q) \Edge(M)(N)
\Edge(T)(Q) \Edge(L)(R)
\Edge(O)(R) \Edge(O)(P)
\Edge(T)(R) \Edge(N)(S)
\Edge(P)(S) \Edge(T)(S)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this suggestion. I have a question though, is it possible with tkz-graph to draw a vertex with a label inside the node AND another one outside?
Thank you

tiko said...

it was encountered an error etex.sty
! Package etex Error: This package may only be run using an etex in
(etex) extended mode.
Help, please.

Rafael said...

@ tiko
You don't give any details about your
system and what exactly is that you tried.
From the little that you say, I think that you have an old TeX.

Rafael said...

This example does not work with the most recent versions of Alain's packages. I will delete the examples and replace them with current ones soon.